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FILL OUT THOROUGHLY.  APPLICATION DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT TO US AND NECESSARY TO BE CONSIDERED FOR APPROVAL. Please do not be short with your responses and skip questions. We recommend using a computer to fill out the application- applying on a cell phone may mess with the text boxes.

Search our available dogs on our Facebook page. We do our best to update the database frequently, though we operate fully on volunteers, who commit their free time to help us.
Download and fill out the application and email back to

The dog you’re interested in may have found a home already by the time your application was reviewed although we always keep your application on file in the chance you're interested in another dog. We process adoptions on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please do not apply until you are 100% ready to adopt.

After you send in your application, a member of our staff will reach out to you once we have approved your application. Then, we will coordinate when you will meet with your potential furry friend. Ideally, we ask that all members of your family meet the dog, too. If you have another dog, we want them to get along well, so we may need to arrange a time for you to bring in your pet for a doggy intro.

When your new dog is ready to go home with you, our staff will go over any additional questions and concerns. You’ll receive information and additional resources to help create a lasting bond and a fulfilling relationship.  

You will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee. If you'd like to adopt, in the adoption fee, we make zero profit. It covers pull fee from the shelter, transportation to our VT location, vetting, paperwork to get them across state lines, shots, deworming, food and more.

Congratulations! You’ve saved two animals. The lucky one you have adopted, and the one that will take its place.  

Thank you!

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